"Red bean cool cake has detoxification pus, Liquid swelling, clearing heat to wet, spleen and diarrhea, joining milk tastes more fragrant, cold after cold ~"


Master red bean 100 grams, pure milk one box, accessories white color powder 15 grams, ingredient white sugar 10 grams, milk flavor, craft craft, one hour, simple difficulty,

Milk red bean cool cake practice steps

1 Red bean is in the water for 40 minutes.

2 With the water of the red bean, put the red beans together, boil the fire, and turn for 40 minutes.

3 Cook to red beans is good, put it on one side, I am calling red bean glycoose.

4 Prepare the following materials: white sugar, white lime powder, pure milk.

515 grams of white flour plus 10 grams of white sugar mix well.

6 Use a little red bean water to mix the white lime powder and the sugar into a non-granular post.

7 pure milk is added to the previous red bean sugar water.

8 milk red bean water is boiled, put it into the pot before mixing well.

9 Do not stop until the milk is burning and open.

10 Pour into the mold and let it cool into the refrigerator.

Around 111 hours to solidify.

12 Push the mold, you can eat the red bean cool cake.


1. The water of boiled red beans is not to put too much. If you have no red beans, you can, and you don't have to cook too much. As long as you are cooked, you can eat more than a piece of red beans. 2. White lime powder can also be replaced with agar and fish gum powder, but the taste is slightly different. 3. How much is sugar according to your favorite, like sweetness, can also place a rock sugar when boiling red beans. 4. White lime powder is an ingredient that is easy to solidify. If there is no refrigerator, it can also be solidified at room temperature for an hour, which is more refreshing after the refrigeration.