"Red bean sand can be a good thing, plus fragrant milk, eggs, simple nutrition, and make a self-owned summer desserts!"


Sub-egg 2, accessories milk 250ml, konjac jelly powder 1.2 grams, red bean sand, 30 grams of ingredients, sweet taste, other process, HALF hours, simple difficulty

Practice for red bean sand milk frozen cake

1 I didn't use agar, agar, but the taste is not good, with konjac gum, just use a more.

2 Melting the sugar in the pan, the color should not be too deep, similar to caramel pudding.

3 fried caramel, put in a bowl, I got the bowl of too big, and then quickly changed.

4 playing Two eggs, put in red bean sand, red bean sand I am buying packaging, very sweet, so there is no need to put it again.

5 eggs and red bean sands.

6 Add milk, stir well.

7 konjac flour is opened with a little water, mix well in the mixed paste, steamed the water, melting it.

8 After you, you will sieve, filter out the rough substance, pour it into the caramel's bowl, put the refrigerator and refrigerate, I poured the milk.