"Super simple ~~ Healthy and delicious ~~ No additives"


Main material mango is appropriate, excipient milk is appropriate, 3 pieces of Geely Ding, original taste, mixing process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Summer mango practice steps

1 Required materials, Geely Titone remember to be soft with ice.

2 mango squeezing..I also got some points, in fact, there is no need, because all are mango, Russia.

3 The juicer is squeezed.

4 soft Geely Ding tablets are completely dissolved under water in the pan, and then stir as mango mud.

5 After stirring, I fill it into the mold, I put it in the bowl of turtle cream, put it into the refrigerator, HALF day, and put it out in the evening.

6qq, taste is very good ~~~ Try to do with different fruits next time, it is very simple.