Custom Expo Fair Design Exhibition 10×10 Trade Show Display Booth

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Custom Expo Fair Design Exhibition 10×10 Trade Show Display Booth

Installation Will be easier and quicker based on our improved structure design, You only need to install a few connections and fabric walls, most of corners and structure we have pre-installed in factory.




100% Customized Structure and Design
100% Customized Print (you provide graphic images or we work for you)
Assemble Manual: Detailed Installation Maual (PDFs), Videos, Photos
Turnaround Time – 10-15 days
Packing Type: Plastic, Crate, Carton Boxes, Metal, etc..
Freight Type: By sea, By Air, By DHL/UPS/Fedex, etc.. 


Please send us a query to get more design options or ask us to work on a customzed design for you.
Thanks for your cooperation, we are much appreciated if you like to order from us.

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 Product Name Custom Expo Fair Design Exhibition 10×10 Trade Show Display Booth
 Booth Size 10×10/10×20/20×20/20×30/30×40… or Customized Sizes
 Dimension Custom Made
 Material Modular Aluminum Frame, Tension Fabric with graphic printing, Sintra PVC Board with Printing, Acrylic Wing Panel, w/laminated MDF, high gloss MDF board
 Frame Color Options: Silver, White, Black, Gray, Green, Red or Other Colors
 Graphics Graphics 100% Customized, Price included Graphic Printing.
 Package Crate Case, Iron Case or Aluminum Case
 Rental Rental Available in China
 Lead Time 10-15 days without Customized carpet, or plus additional 10 days
 Install & Dismantle                 Support I & D in Domestic Expos, Internation Expos Provided by Our Oversea  Partners
 Assembly Time Est. 2-8 Hours By 2-4 Experienced Men
 Customized 100% Customized.
 Other Features Portable, Lightweight, Reusable, Durable
 Design 100% customized design.
 Transport Type By Sea, By Air, By Express
 Delivery Time  & Cost          Varies by Destination and Transport Types, CONTACT US  to get Details.
 Storage & Cabinets




 5 Years for Aluminum Structure


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Product Description


100% Customized Design. CONTACT US  to get a new design.




  • Lightweight Recycled Modular Aluminum Extrusion Frame;

  • Silcone Edge Tension Fabric with Thermal Transfer Printing Graphic

  • Sintra PVC Panel

  • Laminate Plywood or Laminate MDF Boards

  • Hight Gloss Display Case, High Gloss Backwall

  • All Graphic Printing

  • Lighting System

  • Custom: Hanging Banner (Sign)

  • Custom: Display Stand & Display Case

  • Custom: Reception Counter, Cabinet Cabinet (Locking Storage, Hight Gloss or Laminate)

  • Custom: Storage Room & Chatting Room (Private or Semi-Private)

  • Custom: Variable Layout, Suitable Different Layout Sizes

  • Custom: Adjustable Shelves (High Gloss or Laminate Board)

  • Custom: Slatwall or Dotwall with Hangers

  • Custom: Backlit or Lighting Box

  • Custom: TV Mounts, Projector & Screen Wall (Hanging Projector or Projector Stand)
  • Custom: Chatting Table & Chairs (Multiple Styles)
  • Custom: Customized Graphic Carpet with your company logo or graphic (High quality)
  • Custom: Literature Display Rack, TV Stand, A4 Stands
  • Custom: Flooring – Laminate Flooring,  Tempering Glass Flooring, Carpet Flooring, PVC Flooring
  • Custom: Customized Package: Crate Case, Aluminum Case (Travel Case), Iron Case. 
  • Quality Warranty: 5 years for aluminum frame
  • Installation Manuals for Install & Dismantle (There will be a portable disk in the package includes install photos, videos and manuals, also include same content paper documents manual in the package).



  • Monitors


  • Carpet with customized Graphic
  • Chatting Table
  • Stools
  • Carpet
  • Literature Display Rack

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Main Features


1,  100% Customized.

2,  Main Frame:Modular System Aluminum Structure.

     Lightweight, Expandable, Assembly Easily

2,  High Durable Material, 5- 8 years using

     Tension Fabric Graphics or PVC Panel for Low budget,  Acrylic Panel for High gloss with high budget

3,  Booth with Storage and Cabinets

     Counter, Cabinets, Reception Desk

4,  Portable Graphics

     You can Change Graphics Easily since it's Based on Modular Structure

5,  Expandable.

     You can Easily Enlarge it just Order Some New Parts of Aluminum Profiles.





TANFU Modular Aluminum Booth is high customized-design, recycle-using, modular-reconfigurable, and user-friendly. Using the most sustainable materials on the market, these stands prove that you don't need to look with the same color or style, and you don't need to spend more either. You'll always get the best of both with affordable purchase.

Features and Benefits

  • High Impact Attractive Design
  • Lightweight Recycled Aluminum Frame
  • Vibrant Tension Fabric Graphics
  • Easily Reconfigurable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Expandable
  • Portable Graphics
  • Individually Numbered Components
  • Solid and Reusable Aluminum Package with Foam Packaging.

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1. If my show is in China, could you help us to build it?

Yes, we have professional contractor team, TANFU will help you to install and dismantle booth. Also we provide other onsite show services, such as applying for electric, applying for water, handle registering, buy gifts & presents, clean service, translation service, traveling leads (travel tourism) etc.

2. If my show is in US or other country, how can I handle Install & Dismantle?

TANFU’s booths are easy to set up, TANFU will provide you detail instruction manual to guide you the process setting up the booth, you can set up the booth by yourself instead of hiring local labor, and this can help you to save a lot of money.
If you are not able to build the booth yourself, our agent local will help you to build the booth and provide you onsite show service, and the price is absolutely reasonable!

3. Does your company provide only exhibition booth? If I need something else special for my show, does your company supply it?

We design and customize different sorts of exhibition booth, also we provide other trade show equipment and services, including aluminum profiles for booth, graphic printings, aluminum truss system ( truss trade show, truss display, truss exhibition booth ), raised trade show platform, carpet, roll up, outdoor tent, sand table model for tradeshow, promotional gifts for trade show. And if you need other special thing for your show, we can help you too.


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