Tawns 20×20 Modular Aluminum Profile Portable Trade Show Booth for Exhibition


Tawns 20×20 Modular Aluminum Profile Portable Trade Show Booth for Exhibition

This 20×20 modular aluminum profile portable trade show booth for exhibition is the perfect trade show for your coming expo. Included with wooden package are the aluminum frame, backlit walls, backlit counters for a complete 20×20 modular aluminum profile portable trade show booth for exhibition. The 20×20 modular aluminum profile portable trade show booth for exhibition is easy to assemble with our detailed manuals,4 people with 4 hours. The 20×20 modular aluminum profile portable trade show booth for exhibition is great to bring to any trade show with help from the packages included to neatly hold all of the components.
Size20ft x 20ft / 6m x 6m
MaterialAluminum Profile,Tension Fabric
ReplacementsFabric,Parts & led lights
Warranty3 years for frame,2 years for lights
UsedTrade Show, Expo, Events
Other Options Create Your Customs Booth

1>.Rough hand-drawing

If you can make a rough drawing & marked the sizes of each parts, send us and we will have our designers to make the custom design for you in 1-2 working days.If anything wrong or you want to make it better, tell us and we will have designers to modify until you like.

                Rough hand-drawing

                    Custom design

              Install in our factory

2>.Reference designs

If you really like a booth in the show and we want to make one similar,but different sizes ,take photos and send us.

If you like some other suppliers designs on catalog & website, but they are not professional or even can't catch your ideas,send us the screenshot or the link.


             Take photos in Expo

                  Custom design

                Install in our factory

3>.Tell us your ideas

If nothing you like as above, you can tell us details as below

A1. tell us your booth space ; when is the show ; in which country; floor plan (how many sides open of the booth);

A2. whether need storage room,hanging banner,ect.Any special demands, please list.

A3. send us your website, logo and some pictures.

We will make custom designs for your based on your ideas.

Clients feedbacks Morgan, I am looking to get a new booth deigned. I was referred to you by Daniel Sears from Modfuel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              From Daniel Sears / Modfuel Morgan,the booth came up very well and went together very easily.Thanks for your help.

From Carmen Gordon / Cambridge Technology Jay,You & Yota Display are AMAZING.I am continually expressed by your engineering.

From Mr Tony / Rainier Arms Package

We have two options of crate to choose, wooden package & professional case. 1>. Wooden Package / with wheels or non-wheels.
Maybe you thought it's really cheap material with very thick panel. Just one time use or even can't pretoct the booth.


It's made up of 15mm OSB wooden panels and fixed with wood screws.Pls prepare screw driver to open the package when opening the top panel. And you can use the package several times for world wide expo.
2>. Professional CaseIt's much more professional and sturdy than above wooden package. It's composed of aluminum angle as frame tocover all angles, black wooden panels as panels, lockable wheels underneath with extra panel at bottom to make sureit can hold large weight.It has steel structure in side so it's safe even with heavy impacting&crashing when transporting.
Yes, we know , you like it. ME TOO!
Our Factory

With a full range of trade show exhibits design, display solutions,graphics,related trade show and event service,Yota Display offer customs exhibits,rental exhibits to world wide exhibitors.From exhibit design, to production, to logistics management, to assemble and disassemble the booths,we are one of the best partner for exhibitors and event marketers. 


Q1. Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are manufacturer,located in Shanghai. Address: No.1189, Guoshun Road, Fengxian Area, Shanghai,201414, China.

Q2. Could you please help to make customs design for us ? And how long could we get the design ?

A:Yes,we can make the design for you for free. If sending us designs or any examples that would helpful and short the time. Most time,we can send you the design in one day, if not too complicated.

Q3. What should we offer to you before making the design ?

A: Just send us your logo & website, so our designers can get some ideas from your web and put into the design. Sure,it's not final design, just for reference.

Q4. Why sales ask our trade show time and expo name?

A: It would be helpful for us to know your expo name and trade show time. So we can make detailed schedual for your booth, such as when should we confirm the design? , when is the deadline of artwork?, when should we ship the booth ? how long to ship by sea ? What's the total shipping fees and import duty, ect. 

As most clients have not experience about this,but we are specialist . So choose us, keep an eye of the schedual , wait for your eye-catching booth photos and receive it at your warehouse.

Q5. Is it difficult to build? Would you offer us manuals ?

A: If having no manuals, sure, it's difficult for your team to build it. We will offer detailed manuals ,with labels marked on each item, so you just need to follow the way and you will get the booth.

Q6. Could you help to build the booth in Las Vegas ,Sydney if we choose you ?

A: Yes, we offer international booth build and rental service. If you need to buy a booth and use it for many time, but you don't have time to build and store it. We can offer the service for you, build, disassemble, store, transport, make replacements if any part you want to change.

Q7: Could you please help to arrange shipment for us ?

A: Yes, we have 7 years experience in arranging shippment of booth.We will send you price ,time and when could you receive it no matter by sea or by air.Even if you have agent, you can ask us price for reference.

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