Inkjet Printing Waterproof rPET Recycled Matte Polyester canvas Fabric for Pigment Dye Inks

Inkjet Printing Waterproof rPET Recycled Matte Polyester canvas Fabric for Pigment Dye Inks
Product Description Product DescriptionThis rPET recycled polyester canvas roll is apply for aqueous pigment & dye and inks, compatible for Canon, Epson, HP etc format printers.Features: Recycle, Matte coated, Anti-cracking, Easy-stretching, Water-proof, Instant-dry and Brilliant.Normally used for indoor, such as posters, banner, display, gallery, exhibition, museum and so on. Specification
Product Name
Inkjet Printing Waterproof rPET Recycled Matte Polyester canvas Fabric for Pigment Dye Inks
Ink SupportPigment, Dye Inks
Width:24'', 36'', 42'', 44'', 50'', 60''  Length:30m/roll
Suitable PrintersCanon, Epson, HP etc
Packing1 roll per box, 4 rolls per carton, available
Free Samples24''×3-5m roll for free with freight collection (Available)
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Inkjet Printing Waterproof rPET Recycled Matte Polyester canvas Fabric for Pigment Dye Inks
Instant DryThe special coating makes the canvas absorb ink quickly and is not prone to color halo.
WaterproofThe waterproof coating makes the canvas easier to store and always present the best color.
Easy StretchingThe canvas is highly elastic, easy to stretch and fits perfectly with the wooden frame.Anti CrackingThe high-quality canvas is not easy to crack at the edges and corners when be stretched outside wooden frame.
Front SideMatte surface, Waterproof coating, High quality printing effect.Back SideWoven poly cotton canvas
TRANSACTION CERTIFICATE (TC) FOR TEXTILE PROCESSED ACCORDING TO THE GLOBAL RECYCLING STANDARD (GRS)The Fabric Material used for this canvas products is recycled materials which has been produced in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Conformity with the standard is audited and monitored systematically under responsibility of the certification.
Producing line
We are oriented-quality supplier, we have professional produce teams, from rPET recycled fabric raw materials ordering to coating, rolling, cutting, package, storage etc whole process quality control. Our products are very popular in many countries, our clients are from everywhere of the world, in different countries on different continents.
Packing & Delivery
Package: 1 roll per box, 4 boxes per carton, cartons will be packed into pallets
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Company Profile
Welcome to Imatec Digital Co., Ltd. We are manufacturer and factory committed to produce and export kinds of inkjet media for many years.

Inkjet photo paper series, RC photo paper, cast coated photo paper, matte coated photo paper, matte fine art paper, matte texted art paper, proofing paper etc.
Inkjet canvas series, polyester, poly cotton, pure cotton materials with matte, glossy surface with different gram weight.
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We will show you our factory, workshop etc as follows. Since our company was founded, we have been adhering to the concept of good faith management and put our customers in the first. We will try our best to supply the best service to you.
Q: Do you have the Canvas samples to provide? Is it free of charge?
A: Yes. We provide samples for free of charge, with freight collection.
The samples can be both sheet size and small roll (24"x3-5m).
Q: How about the goods package? Is the customized OEM packing & logo accepted?
A: Usually with neutral packing. One roll per box, with pallet. Also, OEM packing is available for free.
You need just inform us your logo & packing information in details. We will do it for you.
Q: How much the freight would be?
A: It depends on your area, we used TNT/FedEx/DHL for samples, sea-shipping for bulk quantity order.
But cost-saving and fast efficiency can be guaranteed.
Q: Is there any discount for large quantity?
A: Yes, definitely. It will be depending upon what you ordered, and how many it is ordered.
Our discount support is always open for you.
Q: What is the lead time for delivery?
A: Usually 3-7 days after payment (deposit).
This time includes production time, and testing time before leaving factory.
Q: Is there any policy for the problem goods?
A: Yes, if the quality problem caused by us, please contact with our sales directly.
And we will take all the cost, and replace you new one.
If the product problem is caused by customers, then customers will take the costs for new one.
We don't accept any unreasonable return back.
Any product-related questions please consult our sales or technician. We'll try out best to help you out.
Inkjet RC Photo Paper (Aqueous)
Code No.Product DescriptionUsual SizesWeight/gsmInk Printing
RC-190GMicroporous RC Glossy Photo Paper24",36",42",44",50",60" / 30m190gsmPigment ink Dye Ink
RC-260SMicroporous RC Satin Photo Paper24",36",42",44",50",60" / 30m260gsmPigment ink Dye Ink
RC-190LMicroporous RC Luster Photo Paper24",36",42",44",50",60" / 30m190gsmPigment ink Dye Ink
RC-280DLDouble-side RC Luster Photo Paper280gsm
RC-260WMicroporous RC Silk Photo Paper24",36",42",44",50",60" / 30m260gsmPigment ink Dye Ink
RC-260MGRC Silver Metallic Glossy Photo Paper24",36",42",44",50",60" / 30m260gsmPigment ink Dye Ink
RC-210MLRC Silver Metallic Luster Photo Paper210gsm
RC-190SAGSelf-adhesive RC Glossy Photo Paper24",36",42",44",50",60" / 30m190gsmPigment ink Dye Ink
RC-190SALSelf-adhesive RC Luster Photo Paper190gsm
IPP-190Semi-Matte Inkjet Proofing Paper24",36",42",44",50",60" / 30m.190gsmPigment ink
Matte Fine Art Paper
ENH-240Enhanced Matte Art Paper24"/36"/44"/60"*30m240gsmAuqeous inks
GER-245Ultra-Smooth Matte Fine Art Paper24"/36"/44"/60"*30m245gsm
GER-210Texture Matte Fine Art Paper24"/36"/44"/60"*30m210gsm
HAM-240Hahnemuhle Matte Fine Art Paper24"/44" * 30.5m240gsmAuqeous inks
Inkjet Photo Paper (Eco-Solvent / Latex)
RC-240EMMicroporous RC Matte Photo Paper24",36",42",44",50",54", 60"240gsmEco-Solvent Ink Latex Ink
RC-230ESMicroporous RC Satin Photo Paper235gsm
RC-230EGMicroporous RC Glossy Photo Paper235gsm
Inkjet Printing Canvas (Aqueous)
Code No.DescriptionUsual SizesWeight/gsmInk Printing
IM-604Matte Polyester Canvas24",36",42",44",50",60", 72"220gsmPigment ink Dye Ink
IM-606Matte Polyester Canvas (600D * 600D)24",36",42",44",50",60", 72"320gsm
IM-619Heavyweight Matte Polyester Canvas (900D * 900D)24",36",42",44",50",60", 72"380gsm
IM-609AMatte PolyCotton Canvas24",36",42",44",50",60", 72"360gsm
IM-607Matte 100% Cotton Canvas24",36",42",44",50",60", 72"360gsm
IM-013PMicroporous Gloss PolyCotton Canvas24",36",42",44",50",60"400gsm
IM-018PMicroporous Gloss 100% Cotton Canvas380gsm
IM-620GNon-waterproof Glossy PolyCotton Canvas24",36",42",44",50",60"360gsm
IM-605GGlossy Polyester Canvas24",36",42",44",50",60"260gsm
IM-604SASelf- Adhesive Matte Polyester Canvas24",36",42",44",50",60"220gsm
Inkjet Printing Canvas (Eco-Solvent / Latex /UV)
IM-704Matte Polyester Canvas36",42",44",50",60",72"220gsmEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
IM-705MMatte Polyester Canvas260gsm
IM-705GGlossy Polyester Canvas260gsm
IM-709MMatte PolyCotton Canvas36",42",44",50",60",72"380gsmEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
IM-709GGlossy PolyCotton Canvas380gsm
IM-707MMatte 100% Cotton Canvas36",42",44",50",60",72"360gsmEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
IM-707GGlossy 100% Cotton Canvas360gsm
IM-711Glossy PolyCotton Canvas (Super White)36",42",44",50",60",72"420gsm
IM-704SASelf- Adhesive Matte Polyester Canvas36",42",44",50",54" 60"220gsmEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
IM-802Polyester Matte Canvas Wall Fabric (Seamless)2.3/2.5/2.8/3.05/3.2m x 50m270gsm
IM-808SPolyester Metallic Silver Canvas (Semi-Gloss)60"x30m300gsmEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
Inkjet Transparent Film
Code No.DescriptionUsual SizesThicknessInk Printing
IPF-100Waterproof Milky Transparent Inkjet Film24", 36",42",44",50",54", 60"100micPigment, Dye
IPF-100LAdhesive Transparent PET Film24", 36",42",44",50",54", 60"100micPigment, Dye
PET Backlit Film
Code No.DescriptionUsual SizesThicknessInk Printing
WP-100PET Frontlit Printing Backlit Film (waterproof)24",36",42",50",54", 60"145micPigment, Dye inks
WP-100PETLSelf-adhesive Frontlit Printing Backlit Film24",36",42",50",54", 60"160mic
ECOF-125PET Anti-skid Frontlit Printing Backlit Film (White backside)24",36",42",50",54", 60"160micEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
ECO-125PE-GFrontlit Printing Backlit Film (Grey backside)24",36",42",50",54", 60"160mic
Inkjet Polypropylene Paper (Synthetic Paper)
Code No.DescriptionUsual SizesThicknessInk Printing
PP-150MNInkjet Matte Polypropylene Paper24",36",42",50",54", 60"170micPigment, Dye inks
PP-190GNInkjet Glossy/Satin Polypropylene Paper24",36",42",50",54", 60"200mic
PP-120MNLSelf-adhesive Matte Polypropylene Paper24",36",42",50",54", 60"140mic
ECO-150MNMatte Polypropylene Paper24",36",42",50",54", 60"160micEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
PVC Vinyl Materials
Code No.DescriptionUsual SizesThicknessInk Printing
WP-90PVC Self-adhesive Matte PVC Vinyl36",42",50",54", 60"140mic film160mic linnerAqueous Inks
WP-180PVCInkjet Rigid Matte PVC Film36",42",50",54", 60"200micAqueous Inks
EC-450MFAqueous Frontlit Matte PVC Flexy Banner36",42",50",54", 60"430gsmAqueous Inks
ECO-180PVCEco-Solvent Rigid Matte PVC Film36",42",50",54", 60"200micEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
P10140M Self-adhesive PVC Vinyl Matte (permanent)36",42",50",54", 60"100mic film140gsm linnerEco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink
P10140G Self-adhesive PVC Vinyl Glossy (permanent)
W10140M Self-adhesive PVC Vinyl Matte (removable)36",42",50",54", 60"100mic film140gsm linner
W10140G Self-adhesive PVC Vinyl Glossy (removable)
OWV-1602One Way Vision Film36",42",50",54", 60"1.6, 60/40Eco-Solvent, Latex, UV ink

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