Professional Matte Canvas Roll Wide Format Inkjet Printing 300gsm Glossy ECO Solvent Canvas Roll for Indoor Outdoor Painting Art Photography and Home Decor(60\”x100\’ Glossy ECO-Solvent Polyester) Office Products

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Dong Love
Brand ‎Generic
Material Type ‎ECO Polyester
Size ‎60inx100ft 300gsm ECO Polyester
Manufacturer Part Number ‎300gsm

Professional Matte Canvas Roll for Wide Format Inkjet Printer Surface Polyester Thick Canvas is commonly used in the production of large-scale photographic prints, artwork reproductions, and other high-quality prints that require a durable and long-lasting medium. The canvas texture of the canvas rolls are suitable for the following groups:

1.Painters designers, and artists, for creating oil paintings, acrylic paintings and other works;

2.Photographers, for printing high-quality photos;

3.Promotionalmaterial production companies, for creating posters, banners and other promotional materials.


1.Canvas rolls are not recommended for printing small text or images requiring high gloss or reflectivity. They also require good coating for long-term color stability.

2. Canvas rolls are not inkjet plot-able smooth mylar for CAD,engineering; architectural purposes.

3.The canvas wide format paper rolls are typically wound onto a cardboard core, which makes them easy to install and use with compatible printers.


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