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Product nameleaflet

How can l get the sample?
Please pay the sample fee and express fee before we receive the first order. We will refund the sample fee to you when you first order.

Sampling time?
Existing goods: delivery within 2 days, customized proofing: delivery within 7 days or consult customer service.


Can you build our brand on your products?
Yes, if you meet our minimum order quantity, we can print your logo on the product andpackaging.


Can you produce your products in our colors?
AYes, if you can meet our minimum order quantity, the product color can be customized.


How to ensure the quality of your products?
(1) Provide sample confirmation first
(2) Production according to confirmed samples.(3) Strict inspection during production.
(4) The products shall be subject to strict sampling inspection before leaving the factoryto ensure that the product packaging is intact.


How much does proofing cost?
Please consult customer service for quotation.


ls the product environmentally friendly?
Yes,our products are printed with environmentally friendly materials.

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