Premium Luminous Full Color Premium Bright White Waterproof Factory Supply a4 size Glossy Matte inkjet photo Paper

                       a4 size Factory Supply Glossy Matte inkjet photo Paper


108gsm papier photo mat A4 from Huilin Digital

1.Suitable for all inkjet printers

2.High quality and best price

3.Free samples available

1. Features:

· Good matte appearance

·100% compatible with dye and pigment ink

·True Photographic Look and Feel
·Instant Dry, Smear 
·All Desktop and Large Format Inkjet Printers Compatible

·Shelf  Life: Up to 1 year at 20°C and relative humidity of 50%
·Durability: Up to 2 year

Physical Properties :


Weight (Total) [gsm]

125 +/- 5

ISO 536

Thickness (total) [microns]

150 +/- 10

ISO 534

Gloss (60°) [%]


ISO 2813

Opacity [%]


ISO 2471

Whitness (CIE, D65/10°, front side)

105 +/- 10


Chromaticity (D50 / 2°)

L* 95+/-2   

a* 1.0+/-0.8   

b* -8.5+/-1


Envionmental conditions

15-30°C(60-85°F),20-70% RH


Storage condition




Suitable for  hot &cold laminated









Shanghai Huilin Digital Technology is a Chinese manufacturer of premium Inkjet media. We have concentrated on coating technology more than 15 years,which makes us always stand on the foremost frontier of coating technology.


We are one of the most outstanding manufacturers of Inkjet Printing materials in China.Our main products include mediums such as the Sublimation Transfer Paper, RC microporous photo paper, Semi glossy photo paper, Cast coated photo paper, Inkjet Non-laminated PVC card, Inkjet film, Inkjet canvas and Solvent & ECO-Solvent media, etc. 

Theory of business: Openness basing on sincerity, Win-win cooperation.

The quality policy of the enterprise: Stable equilibrium, Continuous improvement demands.


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