Canvas Bag Clothing Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3

Canvas Bag Clothing Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3

Product Description


Clothes printing machine T shirt printer High-speed T shirt digital printing machine a3 canvas bag clothing printer


DIY custom pattern T shirt printer, ink environmental health, digital direct injection printer, factory direct sales


Canvas printing machine, T shirt digital printer, digital direct injection environmental protection does not fade

               Fresh green                              Starry black                          Silver gray




Product nameFlatbed T-shirt Printer A3
Dimensions(L*W*H)870 x 650 x 610mm
Gross Power35W
Plate TypeFlatbed Printer
Automatic GradeAutomatic
UsageCloths Printer
Print Dimension330 x 620mm
Ink TypeLED UV Ink
Printing height0-180mm
Printing speedAdjustable
Print resolution5760*1440DPI
Ink colorCMYK LM LC
RIP software PS RIP MainTop Software
Capacity20-30 piece/h
T-shirt mold1 pc
Drop volume1.5 Picoliter
WhatsApp/ Wechat+86-189 3957 1252






Advantage of Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3
1 faster
With the same print data setting, the white ink of the double nozzle is faster and better.


2 high-level allocation
The XH-150G1 has a higher configuration, better performance, and increased speed while greatly enhancing the stability of the fuselage.


3 better effect
Double nozzle printing, more vivid color, whiter white, better printing





 4 -fold nozzle protection, longer service life and less likely to block
Adopting well-known imported industrial grade nozzles from Japan, with high printing precision and long service life, coupled with our unique 4-fold nozzle protection system, the nozzles are less prone to blockage.




 Features of T Shirt Digital Printer

       (1) Minimum ink drop 1.5PL
      (2) Highest precision
      (3) Better picture quality
      (4) Low plugging rate



 Why choose our Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3

    Sprinkler moisturizing system

                        (protecting the nozzle)
   White ink circulation system

                        (white ink is whiter to prevent clogging)
   Scraper system

                        (effectively prevents cross-color)
   Automatic cleaning system

                        (automatic timed cleaning)

 Print mode of Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3

 Multi-picture printing without plate making
Not only a single image, but also multi-image simultaneous printing, rapid sample preparation, and cost savings.
 White ink function
Can achieve white ink printing, dark clothing can also be easily printed
 Print directly to the surface of the material
Prints directly onto the surface of the material without the need for transfer, enabling a variety of printing tasks.







Packing List of Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3


1Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3 (GL-XH150A)87*65*61cmset1
2Textile white inkStandardbottle2
3Textile color inkStandardbottle4
4Nozzle protection liquidStandardbottle1
5Textile pretreatment liquid Standardbottle1
6T-shirt mould Standardset1
7Guide rail oilStandardbottle1



 Parameters of Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3

Machine model: XH-150A1 flat textile printer


Nozzle type: EPSN nozzle (90*6 column nozzle)


Print size: 330mm*620mm


Machine speed, multiple speed gears can be adjusted


Printing accuracy: 5760X1440dpi


Ink channel: C M Y K LC LM / C M Y K W W


Print height: 0-180mm


Appearance size: 870mm×650mm×610mm


Output software:  imported professional color control output software


Operating system:  Windows 2000 XP 7 VISTA 10


Print interface:  high speed usb2.0 transmission interface


Working hours can continue to work for 24 hours without slow


Nozzle maintenance, automatic machine cleaning


Power specification: 220V/35W power saving and cost saving


Platform adjustment:  infrared intelligent induction propulsion and height




If you are interested in our Flatbed T-shirt Printer A3, please feel free conenct me directly~


Sales Manager: Danna
Mobile no.: 0086 13721429103
Skype: danna_1143
Office Address: Room 962, BLD 1#, No. 33, Jinsuo Road, Zhengzhou, China
Factory Address: G107 Road, Lihe Town, XinZheng City, China

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