Inkjet Printer Date Code wood print plastic print Uneven surface print


DimensionsW=208 mm、D=204 mm、H=383 mm

Stage widthNone18 5mm145 mm (with guide)
Weight(with ink & power supply)Approx 3.8 kgApprox 6.0 kgApprox 6.9 kg
Display4.3" color LCD touchscreen

ControlsTouchscreen, power switch

Printable sizeW 65 mm× H 12.7 mm

Print methodDigital thermal inkjet

Print densityMax 600 dpi

Print speedMax 150 mm/s

Object height0~155 mm0~76 mm0~67 mm
MemoryInternal storage 3.5 GB, print design max 100 itemsExternal storage: USB flash drive max 32 GB (FAT/FAT16/FAT32)

InterfaceUSB 2.0 Type A connector, Bluetooth 4.0 (SPP)

FontsGothic Kanji outline font (JIS-1・JIS-2)Possible to add external fonts


2D BarcodesQR code, Micro QR, PDF417, Micro PDF417

SymbolsGS1 DataBar Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Truncated,GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional,
GS1 DataBar Limited, GS1 DataBar Expanded,
GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked, Composite

FunctionsInk level, estimated remaining printout warning
Idle warning
(Alert if printing is not performed within
a specified amount of time to protect the print head)
Numbering (max 6 digits)
Kanji dictionary for direct input on the unit
Automatic power off
Internal clock (accurate to ±13s per month)
Date calculator (input by year, month, day, hour)

ConnectorFoot switch※3 connector

Power supplyAC adapter, 100-240 V、50/60 Hz

Operating rangeTemp: 15~35℃ (no condensation)

Data editor software※System requirement: Windows7/8/8.1/10 (32 or 64 bit)

CertificationUses RoHS-compliant parts

Accessories※4Optional parts
AC adapter, Data editor software

※1: May take longer depending on the material and usage environment.※2: Suitable distance from print head: within 1.5 mm
※3: Foot switch sold separately as an optional part.
※4: Ink not included with main unit. Please purchase from the optional parts below.
※5: Guide stage can be attached to elevator. ■Ink
M2620TP-BQuick-dry ink
Black1 cartridgeCleaning paper
M2620TP-BLQuick-dry inkBlue1 cartridgeCleaning paper
Red1 cartridge
M2620TP-WHQuick-dry inkWhite10 cartridgesCleaning paperUse within 3 months
White ink purchase terms and conditionsBy purchasing the white ink, you agree to the following terms and conditions.
●It is available only in lots of 10 cartridges.
●Purchased cartridges cannot be returned regardless of their use-by date.
●Since it is made-to-order, delivery may take a longer time.
●The software in the printer unit must be version 1.7 or newer (free updates and instructions can be found in the manufacturer's website).
●For cleaning during continued use、wipe using the included cleaning paper (dry).
●If the print head remains idle for around 1 hour, wipe using the included cleaning paper soaked in anhydrous ethanol.
●It may be necessary to remove and shake the cartridge even during continued use.
●The printer must be set to dark mode (more ink used).
■Keeps printout quality consistent regardless of the userInsert the package in the bay and touch the screen (or use the foot switch) to print on the specified position.■Easy adjustment of the printing positionUse the elevator to adjust the height and print on objects with height.Use the guide stage to adjust the printing position in the X and Y direction. ■Print on various material types●Can print clearly on 3-dimensional objects made of aluminum, wood, plastic, paper, film, or other materials.Can print on flat as well as curved and uneven surfaces.※2May not print properly on ink-resistant and scratch-resistant materials. Please request a test print before purchase.Assembled box packaging / Clear plastic materials Golf balls and other uneven surfaces / Wooden materials
■Easily replaceable ink cartridge Open the cover on the back of the unit.
Release the lever to remove the cartridge.
■Includes print design editor software Easily create and edit print designs on your computer. Set the desired position of the text, date, barcode, etc. Unit automatically adjusts expiry dates based on its internal clock. Use a USB flash drive or Bluetooth to send the design data to the unit.
■Printout examples●Best-before/Expiry date●Lot numbers●QR codes●Comments●Logos
■For printing on thin paper or packaging, see product M2620SB-10P.
■Types M2620TP-20S : No Elevator TypeSuitable for printing on 3-dimension objects with significant height.
M2620TP-20TS : Elevator Type Includes elevator with adjustable height to print on various sizes of objecs.

M2620TP-20TGS : Elevator + Guide Type Includes guide stage for fine tuning of printing position.
■Optional parts ●Attachments M2620DP-MJ185S : Elevator
M2620DP-GS145S : Guide stage
M2620DP-FSS : Foot switch
●InkFor a 10-point date printout in YY.MM.DD,1 ink cartridge lets you print:Approx. 60,000 times (in dark mode)Approx 190,000 times (in light mode)

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