Want to go to the hall, enter the kitchen?

Actually it is not difficult!

As long as you have seen this mother, the cup is tips,

You can also do chef at home.

Elegant eating watermelon

Well letter method

First, the big watermelon is divided into two, and the buckle is on the cutting board, then cut a few knives, cut a few knives, cut the watermelon into small pieces, you can go directly to eat, completely no dirty hands.

2. Partition method

Watermelon is cleaned, the half cut, one hand fixed watermelon, the other hand takes a knife, the knife is 45 degrees, insert watermelon, cut out a row of vertical lines in parallel. Then, cut out the horizontal line, and finally cut along the bilies of the melon meat, you can take it directly.

Peeling oranges are not in dirty hands

1. Roll before stripping the orange, then cut the skin from the middle of the orange, do not cut the flesh.

2. You can also cut off both ends, and then left and right.


Take a knife and knock on the coconut, then use the knife to beat along the coconut surface, it is easier to open.

Cut meat

Cut cattle sheep, vertical piglet

When the beef and mutton cut, it is necessary to cut against the texture of the meat, let the knife and meat texture of 90 degrees vertical, cut out the meat, the texture is "well" shape, if you cut, it is easy to bite. ;

Pork should cut the texture of the meat, the texture of the knife and meat is horizontal, cut out the meat, and the texture is "Sichuan".

The meat takes out from the freezer, don't wait until complete melting, it is best to cut when the meat is still hard.

Quickly pick meat

1. Put the pork on the board, and the knife can be cut 45 degrees, pay attention not to cut the meat. Turn the meat and cut the meat at 45 degrees.

2. Continue to cut, the knife and meat are 90 degrees, and the meat is shocked.

3. It is very simple to smash the meat into meat.

Fish meat bitter

The slaughter has broken the bitter, not only bitter, but also toxic. The remedy is to apply some cooking wine, small Sudad or fermented powder on the fish, and then rinse with cold water, and the bitter taste can be eliminated.

Steaming fish, steamed meat

When steamed fish or steamed meat, the water to be steamed is opened later.

In this way, the fish or meat suddenly encounters high-temperature steam and immediately shrinks, the internal fresh juice is not flowing out, and the taste is delicious, and there is shiny.

Slimming of fried meat

When the fried meat, you want to make the meat tender, you can use starch and soy sauce and stir well, so you don't lose the protein, the fried meat is even more tender.

Cooking meat

Any meat is cold after being hot, it will not be rotten, so the vegetables made of braised meat do not add cold water during cooking.

Sugar and sour fish, sweet and sour ribs

Cooking sugar vinegar, sweet and sour ribs, etc.

Tips for cooking eggs

The egg should be in the cold water, everyone will boil, then keep the boiling state in cooking for 3 minutes, turn the fire, use the waste heat to simmer for 5 minutes, generally take about 8 minutes, so the most healthy eggs so cooked The egg is soft, the egg yolk has just solidified, the protein is optimal, and it is also easier to digest.

Scrambled eggs and tender secrets

Add the water and eggs together when you fight eggs, mix it, put in the pot and stir-fry, the egg season is particularly tender, and it is not easy to confuse.

Tips for tofu

Before the tofu, so soaked in boiling water for more than 10 minutes, and then remove the brine flavor, so the tofu mouth is good, delicious is sweet.

Cooking tomato

When fried eggplant, put a vinegar in the pot, the fried eggplant color does not become black.

When the oil pan is fried before the oil pan, I will not eat a lot of oil.

Fried vegetables

Cake should follow a truth, the cooked first, and you can play the last place.

If you are cooked, you can use water to fry and save it.

The pan should first heat the oil and then put oil, then the oil will reach a certain temperature to let go.

When boiled, boiled vegetables, you should add water, so fried vegetables and brittle and tender. Don't add cold water, otherwise it will make the vegetables become old hard.

How is the soup that salted?

The vegetable soup is salted, take a washing potato to cook in the soup and cook for a few minutes, and the soup is soared.

Frozen dumplings are not broken

Put the water in the pan, and prepare a varnish water, put the frozen dumplings into, and the water temperature in the pan reaches the dumplings. This boiled dumplings, look good, not broken, the taste will be like the dumplings of the new package.


When boiled dry noodles, you can add the pot after hot heat. In the process of cooking, it is easy to cool with the noodles, so it is easy to boil and soup clear; the wet surface will be opened when the water is opened in the pot, and the cold water can be cooked.

Cooked rice

Boiled rice is the most headache is to open the pan and spill out of the pan. If you drop a sesame oil in the pan, you will be a little bit a little after boiling, so no matter how long it is too long.

Easy to go to the mountain medicine

When you remove the yam skin, it is always slippery and itchy. What should I do?

In fact, there is a trick: the yam is cut, put it in the pot and starts to peeled for two minutes. At this time, you will find that there is no mucus, the yam will not slip, and it will not make it itch.

These fast kitchen small coups,

Can make you more work,

Hurry forward to the palm of the house!

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