Compared to all rooms in the house, the kitchen is the hardest, because there are too many oil stains, it is troublesome when cooking, it is very troublesome to scattered into the corners of the kitchen. It's almost the New Year, I want to clean the New Year in my home, then come and see what the kitchen cleaning is small.

First, pumping hood

Pour in the flour into warm water to adjust the batter, and brush it on the hood oil network with a brush. Paste the kitchen paper after about 5 minutes, and finally wipe it easy with the rag! Tips: Don't remove the hood, because the tube hood is high-speed rotating mechanical to balance requirements, if the balance is destroyed, it is easy to generate noise and increase the phenomenon of vibration, even when it is serious. Leading the running failure.

Second, the stove

Put the lemon or the skin of the orange, put it in the water to boil. After the water is wet, use the cloth and wet, you can easily rub the coal gas stove, the dirt on the gas furnace. You can also use the viscous rice soup to stick to the stove. After you are dry, the rice soup will stick to the oil, as long as the grain of the rice soup can easily remove the dirt!

Third, dishwashing

Pour the kitchen cleaner to scribe the pool on a wet rack. If the stretched moisture produces a deposition of minerals, a low concentration vinegar solution can be used to remove, and then completely washed with water.

Four, dishes

Leave the water of the finished rice to wash the dishes, and the economy is safe, and the wonderful side of the washing rice is washed as a household. In addition, there is a method, it is to use waste tea, and the greasy can also be removed quickly. , And don't have to worry about the chemical residue of detergent!

Five, kitchen

Mix the water and small soda into soda, wet and wet with a rag, can remove the dirt of the gas stove, oven, thermos, faucet, etc. Or use the soft cloth to cry with a small amount of toothpaste, you can restore the surface gloss.

Six, cutting board

The dish is an important place for breeding bacteria, so the racity should be separated, and the vegetarian is also separated. After the chopping board is used, it is easy to produce odor. The house of vinegar can be effectively cleaned, and the two spoals of vinegar is mixed with 200 ml of warm water, then place it for 15 minutes on the cutting board that has already paved the paper towel. The dirt on the chopping board will be easy. Clear, the odor will disappear, and there is a certain bactericidal effect.

Seven, kitchen knife

With ginger or vinegar, wipe it on the knife, eliminate the knife with fish, smell, or onion.

Eight, pot cover

Put a little water in the pot, turn the lid on the pot, boil the water (you can put a little detergent), let the steam fumigation pan cover. When the grillement becomes white, then use the soft cloth to gently wipe, the lid is bright as new.

Nine, pot bottom

Remove the dirt in the bottom of the pot, just a small soda and plastic wrap. Take water on the surface of the pot with stains, apply small soda. Then use the plastic wrap to wrap the entire package and put it overnight. The next morning uses a scouring cloth, and the stains are all automatically fall off!

Ten, towel

Towels were washed in hot water, enter a little salt or white vinegar, take it out after 5 minutes, and then dried in the sun.

The above is about the full content of the kitchen cleaning small coup, but also want to know more related knowledge, please pay attention to the Changsha installation network information channel to learn more.