2K soft putty BPO Car Paint for bare metal, primers and existing finishes

Product parameters

Product CategoryPackage SizeQTY of ltems
Mixing Ratio(Volume)Dry to Handle (at 25℃)
1K Basecoat Paint3.75L*4TINS;1L*12TINS78100:110-1205 minutes
2K Single-stage Paint3.75L*4TINS;1L*12TINS24100:50:20-3024 hours

5L*4TINS; 4L*6TINS; 1L*12TINS;SET(5L+2.5L+1L)8100:50:15-20100:25:090-120 minutes
2K Primers3.75L*4TINS;1L*12TINS2100:25:2530 minutes
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