High Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproof


 High Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproofHigh Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproof

Painting Effect
The Antimicrobial Interior Wall Paint

The product consists of acrylic ester copolymer and inorganic 

pigments made, water and additives. With nontoxic, low taste

, waterproof, breathable, antimicrobial properties. Are garages

, basements, schools, office buildings and other priority 

materials for wall decoration.


Homes, garages, basements, schools, office buildings and 

other musty interior wall decoration of the place

reference: GB9756-2001,GB18582-2001 

Container status No agglomeration, mixing and uniform status

Of construction Brush two barrier-free 

Low temperature stability does not deteriorate 
Drying time (table) h ≤ 2 
Water resistance 96h No abnormal 
Alkaline resistance 48h No abnormal 
Construction technology

First of all, on the surface of the grass-roots level, making 

walls, clean, dry, no oil, no sand, and use good resistance 

to scraping the PuTTY, sanded smooth and remove dust. 

When used in dealing with one coat of primer on the surface,

dry and brush again 2-3 Net road coatings .

Construction temperature 5 ℃, Relative humidity 85% Following,

the wall PH Value < 10 , Moisture < 10% . 

Method of construction: roller, brush, spraying.
"Cautions" cool dry storage, storage temperature 0-40 ℃ Valid for 24 months. 
"Packing" 18 Litre drums. 
Selling point Moisture-proof and waterproof
Environmental protection and safety
Structural moisture-proof integration
Simple construction
Moisture-proof permanent
Erosion resistant

High Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproofHigh Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproof

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High Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproofHigh Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproof

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High Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproofHigh Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproofHigh Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproofHigh Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproof 

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High Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproof




1.What are the advantages of using water-based paint construction?

  • 1. Pure clear water is used as a diluent, and the components do not contain substances harmful to the human body.
  • 2. No pollution to the environment, diluted with water, no pollution, harmless to the human body.
  • 3. Water-based paint will not burn, construction safety, but also has a good flame-retardant properties.

2,What are the requirements for waterborne paint on the storage environment?

  • 1. As long as the ambient temperature is higher than 5°C,

  • 2. Work in a well-ventilated environment.

  • 3. Can also be constructed under high temperature and high humidity conditions. If the temperature is too low or the humidity is too high, it will affect the drying time of the paint film and prolong its drying time.

3.Water-based paint construction methods and precautions

  • 1.Brushing

  • 2.Spraying

  • 3.Rub it.

  • Precautions:

    1.When brushing, the brush used for painting should be a soft wool brush or a waterless paint brush. The brush should be as soft, short, and thin as possible. Never use a harder bristle brush.

    2.When spraying, use an ordinary small-caliber spray gun to keep the air pump construction pressure not less than 8 atmospheres. It is recommended to install the oil-water separator.

    3.When rubbing, use a clean, soft silk cloth to apply paint directly.

4.Why is the surface of water-based paint whitish, and the paint film is transparent after drying?

  • When the water-based paint is applied, a layer of creamy milk-like wet film is seen on the board surface because the paint film is too thick. Due to the presence of moisture in the paint film, the reflection and absorption of light by the water-based resin is not the same, resulting in wetness. The film looks milky white. When the paint film is dry, the reflection and absorption of the paint film are the same, and the paint film becomes transparent.

5.Why water-based paint is water as a solvent, but after the paint film is dry, the water resistance is very good, and the water can not dissolve?

  • Water-based paint is made of self-crosslinking water-based acrylic or polyurethane. When it is applied, the water evaporates. The cross-linking groups in the paint film crosslink themselves and the paint film is dried and solidified, forming an insoluble, water-soluble network. structure. The curing principle is the same as the relationship between water and cement seen in life. Once the cement has hardened, the water can no longer dissolve the cement. This is the reason why waterborne wood lacquer is a water-based solvent that is diluted with water to dry the construction paint film and has good water resistance and is insoluble in water. Note that the film should be completely dry. If the water evaporates slowly, self-crosslinking will be incomplete. This will eventually affect the water resistance of the film. In this case, extend the drying time before testing.

6.Water-based paint construction on the material moisture content requirements?

  • When the water-based paint is applied, the optimum moisture content of the wood to be constructed is 8%-10%. Under this condition, the best brushing effect can be obtained.

7.What are the characteristics of the sealer primer and how can it be used?

  • Characteristics: Durability similar to topcoat. Prevent the generation of pinholes and bubbles and reduce the moisture absorption of the substrate.

    Construction method: spraying, brushing construction method.

8.What is water-based paint? What is the biggest difference with oil paint?

  • Wood paints and coatings that only use clear water as a diluent without the addition of other dilute ingredients are collectively called water-based paints. The biggest difference between water-based paints and oil-based paints is that the main components and the dilution methods used are different. Oil paint is divided into polyester paint, polyester ammonia paint, nitrocellulose paint and acrylic paint according to its main composition. The water-based paint only requires clean, clear water as a diluent, while the oil-based paint uses mainly banana water containing toxic substances and Tinner as a thinner. Environmental advantages are the biggest characteristics of water-based paint.

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High Quality Decorative Texture Wall Paint for waterproof


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