High quality water-dispersion paint interior 1 kg Base AB high covering capacity non-toxic heat-resistant

Product Description

Water-dispersion paint interior "Decorex VAN GOGH" 1 kg (Base AB) high covering capacity non-toxic

Washable interior paint


This paint is ideal for interior surfaces that are accidentally decorated by your guests or children.

Thanks to its stable structure, it can be easily cleaned of various contaminants:

traces of tea, coffee, coloured pencils, markers and much more.


It has high covering capacity, withstands cleaning chemicals and poor solvents, heat-resistant, breathable and completely non-toxic.

The innovative paint neutralizes formaldehyde in the air.

Product consumption -90-110 g/m2 in 1 layer.

1 kg is sufficient for painting 9-11 m2 in 1 layer, depending on the absorption of the substrate.

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Packaging DetailsCarton Box
Unit Typepcs
PortSt. Petersburg
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LLP "Alina Group"

The Alina company was founded in 1989. The production group is engaged in the extraction, processing of raw materials and the sale of building materials in Central Asia and Russia under the brands AlinEX, Alina Paint, Nashi, NORMA, Decorex.

In addition, it includes the company G-EX, engaged in the extraction and sale of marble and gypsum raw materials (four own quarries for the extraction of gypsum and marble, 37 processing plants).

As well as a network of flooring centers "Domovoy", an electronic hypermarket of goods for home and garden DOMSAD.

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