Wall Paintings Best Exterior Paint Asian Paints Wall Paint Coating For Building

Wall Paintings Best Exterior Paint Asian Paints Wall Paint Coating For Building

KeywordsColorTypeTheoretical consumption of paintMaterials
Natural stone paintcustom color designLiquid0.2-0.3 m2/kgNatural stone
Natural Stone Coating                                                                                                                                                                   BRD Coatings is committed to the leader of high-end water paint personalized painting. With 27 years of experience in the coatings industry, it focuses on the research and development and innovation of environmentally friendly water-based paints, which can achieve 99.99% similarity to granite & marble.  Natural sand as the main  raw materials
It is made of natural sand as the main ingredient and imported additives,color never fade.Using silicone-acrylic emulsion as the binder, using special rock chips and natural quarry as raw materials, without adding any color agents.
Water-based products,  environmental protection
BRD natural stone paint could meet tens of thousands of colors, all the color could customized.
BRD COATING VS Ordinary CoatingBRD natural coating has strong weather resistance, and the durability of the coating can reach 20 years
Variety of colors, high degree of simulation
Convenient construction, can save labor costs,It has good ductility and can cover small cracks on the wall.
Scope of application                      
It can be used in all kinds of high-end places, new and renovated buildings.
Professional R&D team
We have an excellent team of engineers and designers, select high-quality raw material suppliers and reach long-term strategic cooperation


Q:Are you manufacturer?

A:Yes, we are door factory with over 26 years experience in producing the following doors. Our products include,

Q:How long is your delivery time?

A:It is normal 10~30 days.Usually it depends on order size,quantity,configuration.

Q:Can you arrange a visit to your factory?

A:Yes,of course.

Q:Can you provide customized products as our requirements?

A:Yes,of course.

Q:What after-sale service can you provide?

A:We can provide 24 hours' technical support online by e-mail,phone,video,etc.

Q:How do you make long-term relationship and cooperation?

A:We will offer good quality,service and price to ensure our customer satisfaction. We will consider our customer as our friend tohelp them to solve problems.

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