Waterborne Acrylic Amino Baking Black Finish Paint for Wheel Hub

Product Waterborne acrylic amino baking black finish 
ApplicationsWheel hub
SpecificationMatching powder primer with good wetting, high temperature resistance, recoatability and good machinability
Main ComponentAcrylic
Spraying MethodCup type electrostatic spraying + Manual spraying
Store Mode5~35℃
Drying Time140℃/20mins
VOC emission250g/L

Storage and Shelf Life:

Principle Low temperature and high heat, storage temperature range: 0-40℃Shelf life in unopened packaging: 6 months


Be used in automobile wheel hubs, etc.
Main products:
Bottom layer: white, black, grey;
Middle layer: solid color, pearlescent, flash, bright silver, electroplated silver, chameleon;
Gold oil: high gloss, high film thickness, fine car bright, semi-matte, matte, transparent color.

Product characteristics:
1. The priming coat has good covering power and excellent adhesion with powder and coating;
2. A variety of colors for middle coatings. Pearlescent paint and flash paint have good appearance and good machinability. They can match colors according to customers’ requirements.
3. Bright gold oil shows good fullness, outdoor weather-ability and salt-fog resistance. Dry film shows good flexibility
and stone impact resistance, excellent re-coating performance.

Implementation requirements:
1. The surface of operation parts must be clean; 2. When the temperature is lower than 5°C or the relative humidity
is higher than 85%, it is not suitable to work or take environmental adjustment measures. Good ventilation is usually required in narrow areas to ensure normal drying.

1.Products should be deposited in a cool place; sun-proof, leak-proof and high temperature-proof; keep it away from fire source;
2.Dust prevention at implementation site; 3.Grease and impurities on the hub body should be removed before spraying.


Q: Are you a paint manufacturer or a trading company? A: We're the manufacturer who have more than 16 years of experience in production. Welcome to visit our factory.
Q: How about the price? A: We can offer the wholesale price which depend on the quantity.Q: Can I buy samples placing orders? A: Our pleasure! We can offer the liquid sample for you to test and color chart.Q: What is the shipping method?A: It could be shipped by sea, by air or by express(EMS,UPS,DHL,TNT,FEDEX, ect).

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