What Does Textured Paint Look Like Wall Masonry Finish

Product introduction Introduction to natural stone paintNatural lacquer is made from pure acrylic emulsion, natural colored stone and auxiliaries. The product has the characteristics of simple construction, good weather resistance, high water resistance, rich color, realistic effect and strong texture. Its solemn and luxurious spraying effect makes it an ideal substitute for granite. It completely overcomes the shortcomings of traditional stone paint, such as poor adhesion, easy whitening in case of water, non sun resistance and easy yellowing. Product advantages1. Natural true color stone gravel is used to show color, which is not easy to fade and maintain long-term beauty;2. Multi color can be sprayed at one time to create the texture of natural granite, marble and other stones at one time, so as to easily realize the noble and elegant decorative effect.3. Various texture effects can be displayed through process adjustment;4. Effectively block the water from entering the wall, prevent the precipitation of alkaline substances and protect the building;5. A variety of colors for any choice;6. Light weight, firm and uniform adhesion, which can be used on the outer wall of high-rise buildings. There is no need to worry that building materials such as granite, marble and face brick will be loose, spalling, broken and polluted, with good safety. Product Paramenters

Base materialNatural colored sand, pure acrylic emulsion, auxiliaries, etc.
Gloss> 30%
Refers to the drying time l-2h.
Gelatinization time8h
Hard drying time48h
Complete curing15 days
Theoretical coverage3.5-4.5kg per square meter
Safetyenvironmental protection products, raw materials do not contain mercury, lead, methanol and other harmful organic compounds
Shelf lifethe shelf life of unsealed goods is 12 months
Product sample book Product application

Application scope of Natural stone paint

It is widely used for indoor and outdoor art decoration of villas, apartments, shops, offices, landscapes, high-rise and ordinary buildings, and has the function of protecting walls. It is the preferred supporting product for thermal insulation decoration projects Recommend Products Factory profile

Factory profile

The factory mainly produces exterior wall architectural coatings, which is a high-tech large-scale coating enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. With an area of 30000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 60000 tons, the comprehensive strength is in the forefront of China's coating industry. The products cover natural stone like paint, flake paint, sanding paint, liquid granite, sand in water, 5D crystal imitation stone, thermal insulation coating, latex paint, water-based metallic paint, tempered wall paint and other water-based environmental protection coatings for internal and external walls. It has automatic production line, experimental and testing equipment, and national standard laboratory standard technology research and development center. The implementation of the "lean production" management mode, fine management into all aspects of production, to build a high starting point, high standards, high requirements of the production mode, the products for six consecutive years by the Guangdong quality inspection unit spot check all qualified. Establish a relatively perfect operation, sales and service system. It has passed the "China environmental protection product certification", "ls0900l quality management system" and other authoritative certification. It has obtained the certificate of WQA, a famous American appraisal company. It has been awarded "China's top 10 exterior wall coating brands", "China's top 10 exterior wall coating brands", "China's top 10 art coatings brands", "top 10 paint brands" and so on. FAQ

1. What are your products?We can produce all architectural coatings, including interior wall paint and exterior wall paint. Exterior wall paint includes natural real stone paint, rock flake paint, sand glue paint, liquid granite, thermal insulation paint, latex paint, water-based metal paint, tempered wall paint, etc. Interior wall paint includes emulsion paint.2.Can you customize it according to our requirements?If there is a certain amount of purchase, it can be customized according to your requirements.3. Is the sample OK?Unless it is made separately for special needs, samples are generally provided free of charge, but the mailing fee is not included.4. How to pay for goods?30% of the payment shall be paid in advance, and the rest shall be paid before delivery.5. How to accept?We will send the on-site loading status via video at the time of shipment6. How long is the delivery time?Generally within 20-50 days after receiving the advance payment.

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