Supply sublimation paper CHENHAO High quality Favourite comment inkjet transfer paper easy subli paper cotton

Five advantagesTransfer rate as high as 99%The surface of nano coating is fine and the printing is clearWashable and colorfastThe paper surface is smooth without paper jam and ink draggingWidely used, customized The transfer pattern is delicate and lifelikeThe transfer backing paper made according to the technical proportion has good thermal conductivity and heat resistance. The new transfer formula, transfer ink into the clothing fiber, fine pattern, let the transfer omnipotent Environmental health, color lasting, not easy to crack, soft feel step1:Print the picture you want to transfer(Only thermal sublimation ink is supported)step2:Print the picture on the thermal sublimation paper 【through the mirror printing mode】step3:Choose a T-shirt to burn(Non pure cotton light color clothes)Cotton content less than30%step4:Spread T-shirt on a hot stamping machine,Put the printed transfer paper on the part of T-shirt to be hot stamping(Face down with pattern),Transfer printingstep5:Personalized T-shirt, successful transfer printingpay attention toAfter heating to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, press down the cover plate for hot stamping. The hot stamping time is about 20 seconds;330 ° f = 165.5 ° C How to distinguish the front and back of paper

Method 1:

Our thermal sublimation paper is treated by a special process. Not only the front side has a transfer coating, but also the back side has been coated. It has strong water absorption and can effectively prevent the printing face from warping and scratching the nozzle. But if the reverse side is up, it will curl, as shown in the figure below (1. This is the hot sublimation paper just taken out. The paper is flat and does not bend.) (2. After five minutes, the paper with the reverse side up has been bent, and the paper with the front side up is flat without bending.)

Method 2:

If you stick the water with your fingers, you can stick to the front of your forehead, and vice versa. This is because there is a coating on the front, which will be sticky when encountering water

Remind buyers here:

1) The normal printing of thermal sublimation transfer paper, are printed face up, back down, if the cross warping, most of the factors are reversed. In addition, our products have good toughness. If warpage occurs, it will flatten if it is placed for another 10 minutes.2) Thermal sublimation paper before printing, because of its strong water absorption, to keep in the sealed bag. When printing, do not put it upside down, and the printing surface must face up Q: Are you a factory or not?
A: yes,we are factory,with two coating line.add:Industrial Concentration Zone, Yunting Street, Jiangyin City
you are welcome to visit us.
Q: Why the price changes?
A: The exchange rate changes. Firstly, it depends on the exchange rate,secondly,if you order a large amount, it can reduce our
costs, the price would be a little cheaper. but remember A penny a minute cargo.
Q: What printer and ink your paper suits?
A: Normal Inkjet Printer; All water-based Sublimation ink.
Q: What's your transfer rate?
A: Over 98%.( Fast dry series& quick dry series& sticky series )

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