Maxprint 12" 17" 24" 36" Roll high glossy resin coated inkjet plotter photo paper

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This is the Supermarket of one of Yelbes European Agents. They wholesale to neighbouring countries. Good job.

This is the shop of one of Yelbes African Agents. They are the major toner distributors locally.

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*All of our photo paper is compatible with color inkjet printer,

*low end entry level inkjet printer, inkjet machine, we recommend to buy paper less than 200g , to avoid paper is too thick ,resulting in machine paper jam or no paper feed.

*If the photo is dark or bright, it is recommended to adjust the printing color manually in the printer settings, configure the file or change ink, different settings show different colors.

Q1.What is a gram (g) weight
It represents the weight of a square meter of photographic paper. Conversion criteria: 16 A 4 size paper together is a square meter. The larger the gram, the greater the weight and thickness of the paper.

Q2. What is cast coated paper and RC paper.

Inkjet photo paper is generally divided into two categories: cast coated paper and RC paper .The coated paper is cheap, color performance is good. Paper-based fluffy, feel relatively thick, waterproof general. Water will deform the paper, color will not fall. Cast coated paper is only compatible with dye ink and does not support pigment ink.

RC paper is based on high-quality base paper with double-sided PE coating. RESIN-COAT nano-pore coating technology covers ink. No fear of water invasion. The ink will dry. The surface is as bright as a mirror, the color is restored to lifelike, the nature is clear. Pigment ink printing is good for long-term preservation.

Q3. what's Back printing 

It is about the back of the paper with watermark, such as text, LOGO and so on. For publicity only. It has nothing to do with the print effect.

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