frosted glass water transfer premium matte vinyl sticker paper

Product Description

Product Namefrosted glass water transfer premium matte vinyl sticker paper
MaterialVinyl, Kraft paper, PET etc
FunctionEvents/Thank You's Planner Stickers Branding Beauty/Cosmetics Soaps/Lotions Lip Care Candles
Packageheat seal
  • Product performance description

1. The waterproof labels can be submerged in water without falling apart and hold up to tearing and scuffing, great for personalized mason jar labels, baby bottle labels, food and beverage labels, product labels and more2. Design and print professional looking circle labels with our full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature that prints right to the edge of the label without a margin or outline
3. Easily customize your white round labels with free templates and designs; label sheets are compatible with laser and inkjet printers
4. Save time with our Easy Peel with Pop-up Edge; simply bend the sheet back to pop up the edges of the round sticker labels for quick and easy peeling
Details Images Water-proofOil-proofScrach-proof Company Introduction An expert label staff and a personable experience is what you’re signing on for with LaiBaiLi Packing Material. Since 2016 we’ve been serving customers with excellent quality thermal labels, ribbons, and tags. Making it easy for you to receive your order as quickly as possible. Whether you require high-volume commitments or are in need of a single carton, Thermal Label HQ is the right choice for all shapes and sizes of labels and tags.

Our Services & Strength

LaiBaiLi Packing Material is a reseller of the thermal product line, which are manufactured for strength and durability, ensuring a smooth run. If you’re looking for labels that are designed for high performance in thermal printers, desktop printers, or commercial printing presses, you’ve come to the right place! With quick turnaround time on orders, drop shipping directly to your customers, and free samples on request, we make your job easy and hassle-free! FAQ 1. Question: How do I print to half of the label paper? Answer: I have a very basic inkjet printer. often one at a time. To print on only the remaining label, I insert the sheet with the remaining label on the bottom and it feeds through and prints on the lower half of the sheet with the remaining label.
2. Question: Are the labels totally white or do they have some printing already on them?
Answer: otally white – no printing – not even on the back.
3. Question: Could you cut these without ruining the water resistance?
Answer:Yes, you can cut them without ruining the water resistance. I cut mine all the time as they print too big (blank areas on the sides) for certain size bubble envelopes, so everyone who uses these for bubble envelopes must cut these.
4. Question: Does this print on a regular printer? Answer: Yes… I have an ink jet and a laser printer and these work well with both.

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