inkjet and laser adhesive glossy / matte packaging label sticker paper

Product Description

Adhesive sticker paper

•       Adhesive sticker paper is a full sheet label with a full sheet liner. It is easy to peel the liner from one corner to start.
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Glossy/matte surface: smooth and clear
Strong adhesive: stick securely without curling, lifting and falling off
Convenient to use: very easy to peel, just peel and paste
Cutting machine friendly: easy for cutting by scissors or other cutting machines
It can work not only printing but also writing
Works with laser (in color) and inkjet (in black & white) printers
    It is widely used in office, school, home or other occasions and perfect for everyone to make your own stickers, labels, signs and packaging identification, etc. 


A. It is suited for normal picture print needed but not for professional picture needed. (ONLY works with laser printers).
BIt will show different effect with different quality ink. Product packaging FAQ Q: Are these see through? 
A: No. They are white and cover pretty well especially once printed on. 
Q:  How do I tell which side is the sticker? A: The white side is printing side, and the other one is sticking side.
Q: Is it easy to cut?A: Yes, it is easy to cut.

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