The main amount of pig plum meat is appropriate, the appliance ginger is appropriate, the ingredients are fine, the egg white is appropriate, the amount of pepper, the amount of raw powder, the water, the process, the three times, the time, ordinary difficulty,

Sichuan red oil scrubs the practice steps

1 pig plum meat 400 grams, stirred into Rong, 15 grams of ginger and a few peppers and a spoonful of Half salt mix thoroughly with 15 grams of warm water, after 20 minutes, will foam the water into the meat, add appropriate amountChicken essence, pepper, raw flour, and egg whitening into Ravioli; hun-tun filling.

2ravioli; hun-tun skin, market is available.

3 Pack the ravioli; hun-tun bag into the right amount of meat stuffing into Ravioli; hun-tun, 俺 is a lot of packs in the top of the refrigerator, and take it out when you want to eat.

4 pour into the high soup in the soup, you can be chicken soup, bone soup, fish soup or seafood soup, you use chicken soup, add a spoonful of salt, boil, boil, then cook a minute.

5 garlic, chives in the onions.

6 Place the mount of garlic in the bowl, add pepper oil, a spoonful of red oil, a spoonful of copy sauce oil, appropriate amount of chicken, pepper.