450 grams of asparagus, 20 grams of colanese pepper, 10 grams of garlic, the amount of ingredients, the amount of salt, the amount of cooking wine, the amount of chicken, the right amount of chicken, the taste of the oil, the process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of fried asparagus tip

1 Asparagus scored, put water in the pot, and cooked asparagus.In the 2 pot, fly heat, put it into the end of the garlic pepper and pepper, and quickly transfer salt and cooking wine and stir well.3 Among the discs of the asparagus, transfer to chicken, put the fried fragrance on the tip of the asparagus, mix well.


Asparagus is preferably pusted in the boiling water of the salt, then immediately bubble into the water to keep the asparagus green.This dish is cooked in the method of fried to keep the fragrant feet of asparagus is a very nutritious vegetables.