"Onion Soup is a family cooking of the French, it can also be said to be the classic of the French traditional diet. Different from some of our familiar soup is that it does not have a lot of cream taste, and you can use the soup. A delicious, especially the legacy of the cheese's law, the soft taste of the onion soup, especially delicious. This warm winter soup is especially suitable for cold winter, this is also a daughter. I really like the one, she likes to eat with the grease on the soup and the onions, great taste. "


Ingredients white onions, 1 petal, racks of garlic, 1 spoon of rosewart, 1 spoon of fragrance, three cheese, 30g salt, salt, white pepper powder, chicken soup 800ml, milk flavor, fried craft, When the three-scale clock consumption, ordinary difficulty,

French onion soup practice steps

1 Prepare the material, cut the filament, garlic, and strip.

2 bottles were put on butter, and the medium and small heat were stirred and stir fed.

3 After the onion scent, the fire will be small, and the onions will be fried in about 10 minutes.

4 Add garlic and fried.

5 Add brandy.

6 Pour into the chicken soup and put in the fragrance. 7 After the fire is boiled, add salt and pepper flavor, and cook for 10 minutes.

8 After boiling, add salt and pepper flavor, and cook for 10 minutes. 9 cooked soup into the bowl.

10 Cooked soup into the bowl. 11 put a scroll bread.

12 put a slice bread.

13 Place the cheese on the bread, put it in the oven for more than 180 degrees to bake about 20 minutes.


1. The onion is best to use white onions, and purple onion spicy flavor will be relatively. 2. Be patient when stir-fry the onion, and use a small fire to stir fry for about 10 minutes until brown, so onion soup is more fragrant. 3. Cheese, I used to cut cheese, and I can use Masulira. 4. No chicken soup can also be replaced with a soup.