"It's a good soup, you can't do too much, you can do it ~ Pick a few different breeds of onions, chopped together into the pot, wrap a layer of lunar fat, after a while Can sniff the rich and seductive focus, then cut a few pieces of Baguette, cover the thick layer of Cheddar, plug into the oven fire, warm, your winter dinner. "


The main material is 1 white onion, red onion, Shallot4-5, Baguette tablets, accessories leek, 1 TbS, ingredients, no salt butter 30g, olive oil 2TBS, dry red wine 1 / 2Cup, Gao Sang 5cups , Brown sugar 1TSP, garlic 1 petal, cheddar cheese moderate amount, grinding black pepper, salt, milk flavor, fried process, three times time, simple difficulty,

Practice steps on onion soup

1 ingredients 4-5 people • 1 large white onion • 1 large red onion • 4-5 Shallot, is a small onion, the best, no, no, no, listening It is really not good to eat too much. • 1 petal garlic, slapped a few pieces of Baguette • Some Cheddar Cheese or Gruyère Cheese • 2TBS All-purose Flour, medium flour, or most common flour • Salt and grinding black pepper

2 Heat olive oil and butter in the pot, waiting to be slightly bubbling.

3 Put all kinds of onions, garlic, a big salt, stir fry 2min to uniform wrapper.

4 The upper cover is 30 minutes, and the mix is ​​stirred every 10 minutes. Don't be too big, caramel color is sweet, and the focus is bitter. Subsequently sprinkled with flour, brown sugar was stirred onion, about 1 min.

5 Pour into the wine, lightly waters in the bottom of the cobs, dilute in the juice, wait for the wine, the soreness is scattered, about 2 min, then add high soup, the upper cover is 30min, open the salt, black pepper, and remember a bit.

6 Take this time to get the bread, the preheating is 200 degrees to grilry into golden yellow, the time is not necessarily, see the specific bread change, you can brush the olive oil, you can also brush the garlic oil, you can also Some Thirteen, see you like. Also put the roast tank into the oven warm heat.

After the 7 soup, take the roast tank, put on onion soup, put a piece of bread, cover a thick layer of cheese, put it back to the oven to calcium the cheese fry.

8 is really real, in winter, you need such a can to put in front of you, take a few bread, drink while drinking, belly, warm, Enjoy!