"Yesterday is a small year to enter the small year to marking the New Year. I have to go today. I have done it today. We can only enjoy the delicious black pepper pigs in the Western restaurant.


Significant pig ribs 6, french black pepper materials, water applied, accessories onion rings, ingredients, black pepper powder, cooked sesame, honey, other taste, roasted process, hourly time, time consumption, Simple difficulty,

French black pepper pork chop practices

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 French black pepper, water, water, and water. Immerse the pig ribs in the black pepper with a fresh bag. Put the refrigerator for 12 hours, the taste is better

The 3 baking tray puts the onion ring, tile.

4 Displace the marinated pig ribs, (make the juice to absorb the pork chops,) And brush honey evenly.

5 Evenly posing in the baking tray, leave the gap, easy to color.

6 Put the oven 200 degrees, 25 minutes.咚咚 ... time. Sprinkle a little black pepper, shiweed, and a little cooked sesame. Look, I smell, taste ... Well ~~~ delicious freshly baked!

7 delicious! The rib ribs are rampted, small toughness, superphrodisiac, french black pepper flavor and honey taste, Splastic grass, sesame blending. Let your lips tooth.