"Schikin (Scone) is also known as British tea, British muffins, is made of Bannock, which is made of wheat, barley or cereal, usually used as a bake powder. It is a common snack of British afternoon. Bijiji is a Biscuit called American English is a small bread that is baked by small soda or bubble powder as a baked. It is similar to the taste. And tea, add a cup of black tea, a drifting, this is a romantic and warm afternoon. "


Mainly low-gluten flour 100 grams, 15 grams of butter, 15 grams of fine sugar, 4 grams of esciscate, 2 grams of salt, milk 45ml, cranberry, a large spoon, milk flavor, roasted craft, Half hour, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of cranberry

1 low-gluten flour, shot powder mixed, add fine sugar and softened butter

2 Mix the flour with butter into the fine crime with butter, similar breadcrumbs

3 Add milk 45ml

4 Add a large spoonful of egg liquid

5 揉 into a smooth dough, don't smas out too much, to generate excessive impact 口

6 cut cranberry dry

7 Add cranberry dry to the dough, gently knead 30 seconds, do not overtuad, as long as the dried fruit can be used.

8 揉成 光 不 手 手

9 Use a rolling pin to poll the dough to a thick piece of around 1-1.5cm

10 Use the molding mold to be pressed on the dough

11 Place in the baking tray

12 brush a layer of egg liquid on the surface

13 oven 180 preheated, about 15 minutes

14 Grilled to the surface.