"A soft glutinous rice corn cake rolled up the thick cheese fragrant chicken with the colored pepper, grabbed the coil, the fast, a bite, hot and strong ~"


Ingredients with appropriate amount of chicken breast, the amount of mexican cake, the amount of ball dishes, the right amount of the colorful pepper, the amount of the auxiliary salt, the amount of black pepper, the right amount of the trigers, the right amount of salary oil, the right amount of Mascaroni, milk flavor, fried craft , TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of Mexican Chicken Cake

1 pickled chicken breast. Sprinkle a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of black pepper powder, a spoonful of card trigeminal powder on chicken breast, stir evenly.

2 fried chicken chest. The pan is poured into color pull oil, and the oil is poured into the pickled chicken breast, small fire.

3 fried onions. Chicken breast frying to half-cooked onions and stir fry.

4 fried vegetables. When the onion is fried, put the colored pepper, let the color pepper, put a spoonful of salt, stir fry evenly.

5 mixed cheese. Pour Mascarpani cheese into and stir evenly from fire.

6 heating ribs, peck coil. Take the ball in the face, chicken breast, etc., put the biscuits can be enjoyed ~


After the cake is good, use the knife slope chopping effect better ~