"I have never eaten curry, I have always thought that the curry is a kind of food. Later, I have had the opportunity to see and taste it. I know that the curry is a sauce made from a variety of flavors. Curry is a kind of turmeric as a main material, additional Fragrance (such as the seed, chinese cinnamon, pepper, white pepper, fennel, octagonal, cumin, etc.) formulated composite seasoning. Its taste spicy, with a special aroma. Today, this curry flavor Apple is crisp, the flavor is unique. "


Main material lean meat, 100 grams of apple, 20 grams of raisins, a curry powder, the amount of the accessories, the amount of salt, the amount of pepper, the amount of chicken, the smell, the boiling process, half a time, the normal difficulty,

Practice for fragrant apple curry

1 Lean meat is cleaned with blood and cut into small pieces.

2 Sliced ​​meat pieces into the bowl, add a small amount of salt and a little pepper powder and pick it up.

3 The wok is hot and hot, and the meat is cooked.

4 Put a cup of curry powder stir fry stir fry.

5 Pour into the half bowl of water boil and change the small fire for a while.

6 Apples are cut into small pieces, and the raisins are cleaned.

7 When you burn to a slight juice, you taste the savory salt and chicken.

8 Put the apple and raisin and stir fry evenly.


1, the pickled meat is placed in some salt, and finally taste the amount of flavor and then decide the salt. 2, apple pieces are unfried, stir fry evenly wrap the curry juice to shut the fire.