"Concene, the Chinese name of this dish, its English name is Butter Chicken. Some turned into a butter chicken, I got this recipe from my Indian colleagues, there is no butter in the recipe. Of course if you want to add Butter, no. There is still a cream chicken, although there is cream in the ingredients, but this dish is not called Cream Chicken. Butter in English, in addition to corol, but also refers to a thick depective food, As we are more familiar with Peanut Butter, such as Sesame Seed Butter, Almond Butter, which are peanut butter, sesame sauce and almond sauce, which can be bonded to butter or cream. Butter Chicken is the most special thing is that fragrance , Orange yellow thick sauce, with rice or cake (NAAN in India). If the appetite is poor, this dish guarantees that you can make your appetite. This sauce is special, so I call it sauce. Chicken. Another reminder jam is jam. The sauce in Chinese is more broad. "


Mask chicken, 1 tablespoon of cigpereo seed, milk cheese, milk 1/2 cup, cream 500 ml, curry powder, salt, wine, ginger, appropriate amount, ketchup, etc. The amount of pepper, the dry pepper, the spicy taste, the burning process, the three quadratic clock, simple difficulty,

Practice for chicken in Indian sauce

1500 ml can thickem with cream, 1/2 cups of milk, curd cheese (Paneer)

21 spoon of fenugreek seeds (Fenugreek seed)

3 India's curry powder (Garam Masala or G-masala)

4 chickens or chicken breast cut small pieces, salted with salt and wine.

5 Fry in the wok, stir fry, add the marinated chicken, stir fry until the seven or eight points.

6 casserole fire fried garlic garlic and Jiangrong

7 Put 3 small canstea sauce (Tomato Paste), while stirring from time to time.

8 Put salt, pepper, flyugreek seed, 1 small cellar seed, dried chili pepper, thickened cream, milk, boil, while stirring.

9 Put the fried chicken, curlous cheese block and India's curry powder, stir it from time to time.

10 Burned for about 20 minutes until you want the thickness.


1. It is mainly special fragrance that is fuccine seed and India's curry spices. 2. Curd cheese (PANEER) has a bit of frozen tofu or a taste of the bean, if it can't find it, it can be replaced with frozen tofu or bean dry, and even don't want it. 3. It is used herein to Tomato Paste is not a tomato sauce (Ketchup). 4. In the process of burning, stir it from time to time and avoid a paste. 5. The amount of seasoning is for reference, and the specific proportion is toned by a human taste.