"In order to change the tricks of beef to the son, I will give him a curry beef meal today. I like this taste today. I also like this taste, but my husband is not very much love, every time I doing curry taste, you have to I do some to my husband. But my son is a big love. I can only do more, reach everyone's satisfaction. "


Neighbor to beef 600g, potato 400g, curry 1 box, rice mode, accessories carrot amount, onion, ingredients, cooked meat, curry taste, stewed process, three times time, simple difficulty,

Curry beef rice practice steps

1 beef chunk

2 Prepare for Chinese cinnamon, fragrant leaves and star anise

3 meat cold water into the pot, there is a floating foam to float

4 put in boiled meat and some parsley roots

5 Pressure cooker pressurized on the back pressure of 13 minutes.

6 potatoes cut, carrots, onion, garlic,

7 potato hot oil to the surface.

8 carrots, a small amount of oil, add the onion, fried

9 stewed beef to remove the pour into the pot

10 Add a fried potatoes, add the curry block, this is a small box.

11 Pour the soup of stewed beef,

12 fire cooked and hooked 10 minutes.

13 steamed rice discharge, pouring curry beef vegetables.


Due to the composite taste of the curry, there is salt flavor, and other seasonings are not put.