"The pasta is too much, I always want to get some delicious, fresh, Dongdong, usually like the taste of the curry, just try to make a cake, the result is very unexpected, this idea is still quite successful! Let's try it out. "


Main material flour 200g, accessories for onion, ingredients of Indian curry, slightly taste, fried process, half a hour, simple difficulty,

Indian curry practice steps

1 warm water and face, 30 minutes

2 Wake-up dough is divided into 4 little dys

3 put a dose into a thin piece

4 smeared curry sauce

5 sprinkled green onion

6 roll up from bottom

7 roll into this

8 slightly smashed

9 is all good

10 pan, frying into a golden golden



When you make a cake, you can put some oil in your hand, and you can avoid sticking.