"This is one of the Italian classic noodles. Inquiry-containing protein, shell contains calcium carbonate, hosin, mucus, and small amount of sodium chloride, calcium phosphate, magnesium salt, etc .; ink in ink contains a blend of polysaccharides There must be a certain anti-cancer effect, suitable for yin deficiency, anemia, women's blood deficiency, bring down, crash, it is recommended that the sisters do to eat! But the spleen and stomach is cold, high blood fat, high Cardiovascular disease and liver disease in cholesterol hymima, patients with hepatosis should be carefully; suffering from eczema, urticaria, gout, kidney disease, diabetes, easy-to-hairy, etc. Disease this person avoids food. "


Main material fresh ink fish TWO, long face 400 grams, accessories pagan, onion, garlic TWO petals, ingredients, black pepper powder, white wine, olive oil, TWO When it takes time, ordinary difficulty,

Pathing steps

1 Picking Two fresh taper is very important

2 Careful cleansing, take it out of the ink juice bag to be used, and purify the ink fish.

3 quasi-preparation (onion and ink tidal)

4 Pastry under salt water

5 Take a pot of hot oil, add garlic and onion with a small fire.

6 poured into the ink butter

After the color is discolored, pour the chopped coriander and mix well.

8 Turn in salt and pepper, pour it into the wine.

9 cover the pot on the lid for 10 minutes

10 put a bag of ink in the pan

11 Gently smoke with a wooden spoon, mix well.

12 Pour it into the cooked pasta, you can use it.


It is best to take a apron when you do it, don't wear white clothes, to prevent everyone.