Isolated Italian noodles, excipients, plaques, shrimp, smear The amount of olive oil, the amount of salt, sweet taste, speculation, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Seafood pasta practitioner

1 Paste according to the instructions

2 After cooking, the cold water is leaving

3 squid / flower pigeon / shrimp (fresh also)

4 miscellaneous vegetables / horseshoe / Dutch beans / a little lean meat / celery leaf

5 tomatoes go to the skin, cut into small granules

6 olive oil

7 butter / cheese

8 put the Netherlands / squid / shrimp / flower pigeons

9 net pit butter dissolution

10 Pour in a miscellaneous vegetable / horseshoe / lean meat / celery leaves and add tomatoes

11 Add appropriate water (add some tomato sauce) Slowness for at least 40 minutes to become a juice

12 Join the cheese table, poured into the drained, stirred until the past is completely absorbed.

13 is then added to seafood


15 Garo Lama leaves, take hot, eat hot

16 rolls

17 dress, eat hot