Significant sputum of 250 grams of sputum, 1 ocuit tomato, 2 eggs, appropriate amount of pork, material, sour taste, salty taste, burning process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty, ordinary difficulty, ordinary difficulty,

Pasta practice steps

1 Prepare for about 250 grams, 1 tomato, 2 eggs, the right amount of pork

2 Buffet the appropriate amount of water in the cooking, put the striking for about 10 minutes (cooking, you can cut off, see if the middle is cooked)

3 When boiled, you can take the time to take the tomato to peeled Ding, the egg is fried into the egg cake (I fried some old) and then also Triping 4 puts the boiled pasta to pick up the cold water., Hot oil in the pot, boil the tomato, pork, eggs, sauce

5 Put the drain, put the boiled sauce on the past, ok (although the sale is not good, it is the first time if there is anything)