"Spiritual tract, chicken tenderness, tomato soft, vegetarian, low salt and oil, easy to do"


Ingredients 70g, Chicken 100g, Tomato, Tomato, 3gs, Ginger Slices, 3 pieces of cooking wine, 3 drops of olive oil, olive taste, craft, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of chicken meat sputum

1 Ingredients: Pasta (buy in the supermarket) 2

2 Raw materials: Chicken (supermarket or vegetable farm has, have been saved), ingredients, ginger, chopped fish for 5 minutes, fry, pour into chicken, stir fry, 5 mature pan

3 tomatoes are ironing in the water for 20 seconds, and it is easy to peel it, tomato cutting

4 cooking pump into the half pot water, boil, pour 3 drops of olive oil, 2G salt, put it in the past, boil for 12 minutes

5 get out of the past, control the water, put a slightly cooling

6 fried pot heat, pour it into the past, 3G salt, stir fry, slightly waving the water

7 pour the chicken, stir fry

8 pour the tomato block, stir fry slightly

9 out of the pot