"Just stepped into the housewife life, bid farewell to the beautiful time of the big sister, start learning to do rice, I like to get a different point (the traditional recipe with my mom), I will try to do it, the link A little funny, when all materials are ready, my husband said to start doing, I laughed, let me see the recipe first. Hahaha "


Submersible 150 grams (Two personal), beef stuffing 100 grams, accessories of celery with TWO roots, carrot half, green pepper, onion, tomatoes Two, ingredients with bumps of butter bright boxes ( Or olive oil), the amount of tomato sauce (according to the taste of human taste), black pepper powder 1-2 spoon, salt final taste, the amount of the oath, the amount, the cheese powder, sour taste, fried craft, half an hour Time-consuming, ordinary difficulty,

Italian meat pattern

1 Put the beef into a small piece of meat and marinate 2 onions, carrots, celery, green pepper, cut into 0.5cm small pieces of small pieces of 3 pots and heat it into butter or olive oil, stir fry The aroma, adding tomatoes, carrots continue to fry, after the red oil, add celery and green pepper 4 to continue the grades, add the tomato sauce, black pepper, and the oath, the fried flavor, taste salty Add the right amount of salt 5 When the fire is hot, the fire begins to boil the water, the pot is opened into the pasta, the pasta is very hard, don't be eager to stir in the pot, and then naturally boiled, stir it, put the right amount of salt, This way not only to increase the taste of the face, how is it allowed to slide the slide QQ 6 can choose a beautiful big plate, put the mixed face to put the vegetable sauce, and finally sprinkle the Cafian cheese powder, talked, taste Super praise.