"This is Christmas, everyone is eating Western food, we can't fall behind, do this tomato, do it."


Ingredients 200g, excipient meat 100g, carrot 50g, cheese 1 piece, parses, ingredients, salt amount, ketchup, other taste, boiled process, three times, time, ordinary difficulty,

Pathing steps in tomato juice

1 After the water is boiled, put it in the past, cook for 20 minutes, and add a little salt in the later period.

2 When you cooked, start making a puzzle.Put the meat in the pot until 8 mature

3 Pick up standby

4 carrots for a while

5 put the meat and ketchup, add seasonings and water for a while

6 put in a cheese, stir firing

7 Passed the baked

8 Pouring on a burning juice


Good pasta is more dressed, be sure to boil, or you can't eat it.