"One morning in the morning and Economie International"What can be more in line with the pasta with meat with vegetables ~ "


Mainly orthopedic 65g, tomatoes, 1 onion head, 1/2, beef ball 75g, white mushroom 40g, accessories low-fat cream 20ml, black pepper 1 teaspoon, salt, saltAppropriate amount, milk flavor, fried process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pads of black pepper beef pills steps

1 raw material map

2 zucchini, tomato, onion, beef pills cut into small pieces

3 boiled water in the pot, add a little salt, cook for 7-8 minutes, remove the cold water

4 In the pot, the olive oil is hot, add the onion block and fried

5 Add zucrae, tomato, beef ball

6 Add 20ml of fresh cream, stir well

7 joins the past

8 Add black pepper, taste the salt

9 out of the pot, sprinkle with sweet