"The rice group is all the rice practices, looking at the most enjoyable. In addition to the traditional meat rins, it mainly introduces you a meat, a meat, a taste of the rice, a favorite, a vote."


Mainly backed 1 bag, rice 150 grams, chicken soup 600 ml, spinach 100 grams, seaweed, calculi, 1 teaspoon, salt oil, 1 teaspoon, salty taste, steam process, TWO minutes, Ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps of fragrant spinach rice group

1 Prepare the main materials and wash it.

2 rice joins chicken soup, cooked.

3 Spinach to wash it.

After heat is hot in the pot, add salt, and hot spinach is ripe.

5 hot spinach fishing out of cold water.

6 Whip with water.

7 chopped spinach.

8 cooked chicken soup is coming out.

9 Add spini to crush.

10 Add Sea Toss and Cooked Sesame.

11 mixed rice.

12 Mixed rice is loaded into Mousse Circles or rice groups.

13 hands are cold and boiled or wrapped with a plastic wrap.

14 Wrap the bacon in the rice group.

15 Fixed with a toothpick.

A small amount of oil was added in the 16 pot and rushed into the roots.

The 17-year-old pad is on the purple drag.

18 Tesu Tong Group practice: rice and flesh mix.

19 Add the right amount of black sesame.

20 The whole triangle is formed, and a seaweed can be.


During the frying process, first fried TWO surface fixed the bacon, then pumped the toothpick, and then score the additional TWO surface.