"The salmon has a" ice sea fish emperor ". It is delicate, colorful, smooth, is a delicious cuisine on the family dining table. Salmon has a high nutritional value. High protein is low, containing a variety of vitamins Calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and other minerals contain unsaturated fatty acids. The Omega-3 it contains can reduce the incidence of high blood pressure and heart disease, and it is also very beneficial to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as arthritis, breast cancer. There is a great help to the growth of fetus and children. "


Signified salmon 1 catties, excipient salapse, coriander, olive oil, red pepper is appropriate, lemon is appropriate, white sandose sugar amount, oyster sauce, small amount of lemon juice, slightly smell, fried craft, half an hour Time-consuming, ordinary difficulty,

Thai juice three-piece practice steps

1 salmon washed with pepper and salted for 20 minutes.

2 lemongrass, red pepper, lemon, parsley, lemon chopping.

3 Seasoning has sugar, fish dew, oyster sauce, lemon juice, pepper.

4 burned red pot, pour the olive oil and fry the salmon TWO to the golden upper disc.

5 Skioled a few drops of lemon juice to mix the fish and white sugar, boil, pour in the lemon, pepper, lemon, and parses.

6 I will take the juice to salmon, and I will tell!


The salmon should not fry too long, and it will be fine.