"Gossip Curry: There are many kinds of curry, in the country, there are India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc .; with color, red, green, yellow, white, according to ingredient details Different to distinguish more than ten kinds of currys that are distinguished, these different fragrances are collected together, they can constitute a variety of unexpected rich flavors of various curry. Huang curry 口 酸 中 带 带 带Flavors, very suitable for Asian tastes, such as making curry chicken, curry cattle, curry sheep, curry vegetables, curry seafood. I used this big golden curry today, the taste is very pure, I used to buy curry powder Cuisine, since the golden curry of the big joy, only to taste the rich fragrance of the curry, super love. "


Main material prawns 300 grams, excipient lemon 1/2, small rice pepper 2-3, cutting circle, mint is appropriate, ingredients, big brilliant gold curry 3 pieces (slightly spicy), coconut juice 80 ml, 1/2 of garlic Spoon, onion 1/2 big spoon, salt amount, slightly taste, fried craft, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Thai curry shrimp practice steps

1 Prepare raw materials.

2 Mint wash, minced.

3 prawn washed, cut the shrimp shell from the back.

4 Pick the shrimp line with a toothpick.

5 wok poured into the vegetable oil and heat it, the lower onion garlic, the millet pearl is fragrant.

6 Put prawn, stir fry until it is discolored.

7 Put the big brilliant gold curry.

8 pour into the coconut juice.

9 Squeeze the lemon juice, stir fry evenly.

10 Pour in Mint, cook for about 2-3 minutes.

11 Finally add salt to taste.


Mint and lemon juice must be added, this is the characteristics of Thai-style dishes; if you want to eat more pure Thai flavored curry dishes, the coconut juice and Thai pepper are preferably not illegal; do not cook the time after pouring the coconut juice Long, otherwise the shrimp will hard, affect the taste.