Main material spring rolls 10, accessories winter powder 2, gathers 25 grams, bean sprouts 20 grams, carrot silk 5 grams, 5 grams of black fungus, small sugar, a small sugar, 1 tablespoon of fish, egg1 grain, other taste, frying process, half a hour, simple difficulty,

Thai fried spring rolls to step

1 Materials required for Thai fried spring rolls.

2 Carrot planer, black wood ear, soft, cut, meat is smashed.

3 Eggs are spare in a bowl.

4 bean sprouts remove the roots of the tail.

5 Winter powder is so dipped, slightly cut with a knife.

6 put the materials in a larger bowl.

7 put the salt, sugar and fish.

8 Mix evenly into a filling.

9 puts a proper amount of filling in the place of the spring rolls 1/3.

10 Put the spring rolls close to oneself.

112 is also folded.

12 The tail is coated with a little egg liquid, rolled up.

13 All packets are pushed.

In the 14 pot, heat the oil, put down the spring roll to the crisp.

15 fry on the table "Thai Frying Spring Roll".

16 Take a look at the stuff in the inside.When you eat, you will be more good as you have a good drop!